Lanlean Policies

Attendance and Absence

Lanlearn takes student attendance seriously as the institute wishes to see all of its students progress with their learning. Classes are scheduled according to the timetable advised to students.

Attendance is monitored and recorded on a daily basis by the class teacher, and on a weekly basis by the Academic Manager. Breaches of attendance are escalated to the Centre Manager or Managing Director.

  • Students are required to attend a minimum of 85% of classes over the duration of their course. Attendance is recorded for each class period.
  • If a student fails to attend class on two consecutive days, the class teacher must inform the Academic Manager immediately.
  • Should attendance fall below 85%, an immediate caution will be issued to the student and the institute will monitor their attendance for the next 4 weeks.
  • Should a student’s attendance fall below 80%, the Academic Manager informs the Centre Manager with a view to organising a meeting with the student to review the reasons for poor attendance and measures required so that attendance is sufficient.
  • Where attendance for a GNIB/INIS registered student falls below 50% the attendance status will be reported to the local immigration office.
  • Students are warned that they may be removed from class lists and suspended if they are absent from class for 2 consecutive weeks or more without a medical certificate or prior arrangement.
  • Lanlearn will endeavor to make contact with absent students by all reasonable means, including by SMS, email or by contact with their agents.

*Students who have authorized, documented sick leave/ compassionate leave will be allowed extra days class at the end of their course equal to any classes that they miss, so long as these classes can all be taken within the current study visa (in the case of visa required students).


  • Students are expected to attend classes on time. Late arrivals, leaving class during class periods or early departures are disruptive for the student’s own learning and affect the continuity of the class for both their fellow students and the teacher.
  • A student arriving 15 minutes after the scheduled start time of a class will be considered to be ‘late’ as they have missed a substantial part of the class period. In this case, the student will not be permitted to join the class and will be recorded as absent for that period.
  • In these cases, a student should present for the next class period, punctually
  • A student will also be marked as absent where they are absent for a substantial amount of time during a class period. A substantial period is considered to be 15 minutes or more and may occur during or by an early departure at the end of a class period
  • A teacher will refuse to readmit a student to the current class period where that student has been substantially absent.

End-of-Course Exams

Students are strongly encouraged to have their language competence recognised by taking an internationally recognised and externally validated examination.

Lanlearn facilitates the registration for:

  • Cambridge FCE and CAE

CEFR levels B2 and C1 respectively

  • IELTS – International English Language Testing System

CEFR level range from A2 to C2

Lanlearn facilitates the registration for, and acts as an exam centre for:

  • TIE – the Test of Interactive English

CEFR level range from A2 to C1

*Advice and details on these exams, including sample tests are available from the Academic Manager.

  • Non-EU/EEA students taking Academic Year programmes are required to take one of the examinations (listed above) as part of their enrolment. At booking, students are required to choose the examination they wish to take at the end of their study programme.
  • Students should be aware that some examinations take place on fixed dates only. Should a student wish to enter an examination for a specific date, they are advised to contact the Academic Office as soon as possible. Where a student has not selected a specific date, the institute  will automatically enter the student for the last available examination date during their booking.
  • An institute  certificate is available to all students who complete a course. This certificate shows the course(s) taken, dates registered and the student’s final class level. Certificates will only be issued with details of the final level at which a student has studied.
  • Certificates for students who are finishing courses and studies at Lanlearn will be provided by the class teacher.

External Accreditations

QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland)

Quality and Qualifications Ireland (QQI) is a state agency established under the Quality Assurance and Qualifications (Education and Training) Act 2012. The agency has a board which is appointed by the Minister for Education and Skills.

The organisation brings together the roles of a number of previous organisations which had responsibility for the administration of training and education quality standards across further, higher and university education sectors.

Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS)

Accreditation and Coordination of English Language Services (ACELS) is the department of QQI which is responsible for the development and management of the inspection and recognition scheme for English Language Teaching organisations (ELTOs) in Ireland.

Lanlearn is regulated by ACELS and complies with the requirements of the inspection and recognition scheme operated by the organisation.

General Institute Rules

  • Classes begin at 09:00 in the mornings and 13:00 in the afternoons.
  • Students who are more than 15 minutes late will not be allowed to enter class until the next class period: this is to minimise the disruption to the class.
  • Teachers will ask students to come back later if they come to class more than 15 minutes after it has started.
  • Please make sure that mobile phones are switched off during classes to reduce interruption for other students.

Smoking and Eating

  • Smoking in any public building or institute  is not permitted in Ireland.
  • Food is not permitted in your classroom at any time.


Lanlearn reserves the right to expel students from the institute  for any of the following reasons:

  • Visa Infraction for the holder of an Irish Student Visa
  • Damaging property
  • Unruly, rude or disturbing behaviour
  • Consistent lateness for or absence from classes
  • Bullying, or violence towards another student, teacher, or member of our staff
  • Non-payment of fees
  • Use of any banned or illegal substances
  • Bringing alcohol or illegal substances onto the institute  premises
  • Non-disclosure of any prior medical or psychological condition
  • Theft, or any violation of the law while attending the institute

Cancellation Policy

There is no refund of fees permitted once a student has started a course. Refer to Booking Terms and Conditions for further details.

Holidays and Holiday Entitlements

Holiday Allowance for Students on Academic Year Programme (non-EU/EEA students)

There are specific arrangements for students during the Academic Year Programme. 

From 2017 the Academic Year Programme course duration is 25 weeks with an entitlement of 8 weeks holidays.

Students with a visa require a letter from the school if they intend to leave Ireland for any holidays. This should be requested from the Center Manager at least a week before you travel.

Holiday Entitlement (EU/EEA students)

  • Holidays must be booked by e-mailing at least 14 days in advance.
  • Institute  holidays can only be taken on a Monday to Friday (full-week) basis.

Holiday entitlements for students are given as follows.

Course duration holidays allowed (EU/EEA students)

Course Duration Holidays Allowed
0-12 weeks 1 week holidays  
13-25 weeks 2 week holidays

Hours, Timetables and Schedules

Lanlearn Opening Hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
0800-1700 0800-1700 0800-1700 0800-1700 0800-1700 Closed Closed
Lanlearn is closed on Public Holidays, on Good Friday (the Friday before Easter) and for a two-week period during Christmas and New Year.

Class and Programme Timetables

Lanlearn programmes and classes are scheduled as set out below

Students should consult their Arrival Confirmation Schedule for their personal timetable dates and additional details

Programme Days Start Finish Breaks Weekly hours
General English [GE1] Mon – Fri 09:00 12:30 30 mins 15/week
General English [GE1] Mon – Fri 13:00 16:30 30 mins 15/week
IELTS Exam Preparation Mon – Fri 13:00 16:30 30 mins 15/week
General English [GE1] + Electives Mon – Fri 9:00




30 mins 20/week

Complaints and Grievances

We hope you enjoy every part of your experience at Lanlearn.  But we know that from time-to-time the expectations that a student has may differ from the service received.

It is Lanlearn’s objective to provide the best service in terms of tuition, accommodation and care for students. However, To help resolve issues and problems, a student is asked to raise the matter of concern as soon as possible by approaching a member of the:

Centre Manager  – for concerns such as accommodation, registrations, institute  services or activities, facilities

Academic Manager – for concerns such as level tests and placement, classroom work and materials, examinations

These staff members will, firstly, attempt to find an informal solution to the matter raised. If this is not possible, the matter will be handled at a formal level, involving the student, institute  department and department managers necessary to find a mutually suitable solution. The institute  will endeavour to respond to the matters raised as promptly as possible and to keep the student informed. The institute  will also maintain a record of its attempts to resolve the matter raised.

Where a matter cannot be resolved at a formal level with the department concerned, the institute  will escalate the process. This may involve engaging the student’s booking agents or other external bodies with the objective of finding an appropriate solution.

In the case that no solution can be found through these approaches, the institute  will engage in external mediation through competent providers.

All complaints are dealt with confidentiality. If you have a complaint or a grievance about any aspect of your experience with us at Lanlearn you should follow the guidelines below:

  •         If you have a complaint, you should first try to resolve it informally, before following the procedure below.
  •         Keep a record of your complaint/ grievance. Include who you talk to about it, and when.
  •         Complaints and grievances are initially presented to the Academic Manager.
  •         The Academic Manager completes the appropriate form with the student/teacher/staff member.
  •         The Academic Manager seeks to resolve the complaint and meets again with the person filing the complaint within 3 working days.
  •         If the complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, it is referred to the Director of the school.
  •         The Director meet with the complainant within 3 working days and record any details in addition to the original complaint form.
  •         The Director seek to resolve the complaint and consult with the complainant.
  •         If the complainant is not satisfied with the outcome, a further meeting may be sought with an independent respected member of the sector.
  •         At all stages, the complainant can have a witness present when meeting with other parties.
  •         If the original complaint is against the Academic Manager then the complaint goes directly to the school Director.
  •         If the original complaint is against the school Director, then stages 6-8 are void and the complaint proceeds directly from stage 5 to 9, if it has not been resolved at stage 5.

The maximum time for dealing with complaints is 10 working days.

Medical and Health Insurance

EU/EEA Students

Citizens of the EU/EEA benefit from the reciprocal obligations of the Irish health authorities to provide essential health services to recognised holders of a European Health Insurance Card. It is necessary for these students to provide evidence of entitlement to health care in another EU/EEA country.

It is recommended that students contact the appropriate Health Authority in their home state before travelling to Ireland so that they can complete the registration for a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It is necessary to get this card before you depart your home state.

Further information on the EHIC is available at

Non-EU/EEA Students

Students from non-EU/EEA countries are required to pay for medical attention from their own funds. For this reason it is strongly advised that they obtain suitable medical insurance to cover any costs of emergency medical treatment as these costs may be high.

Academic Year students and any students who must register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) will be required to show proof that they hold comprehensive medical insurance before they can register with the GNIB or before they can apply for a student visa.

Insurance policies may be:

  • Purchased as an option with a student’s Lanlearn Booking, or
  • Purchased in the student’s home country, provided that the Insurance Policy meets the requirements of the GNIB and that the Policy Document and Certificate of Insurance are printed in English. When purchasing a policy outside of Ireland, students must be aware of Note 2 below

Note that:

  1.   A student who cancels their medical insurance following registration will be in breach of their immigration conditions.
  2.   Students who are required to register with the GNIB or are required to apply for a student visa must open an Irish bank account and deposit funds for their stay in the account. It is a legal requirement of Irish banks that students must present an official document (utility bill, other Irish bank statement or Irish insurance certificate) which is issued to their Irish postal address. Without this document, it will not be possible to open a bank account and an Immigration application cannot be processed.
NOTE It is important that students are aware of the cover offered by an insurance policy

– including the policy offered through Lanlearn- to be sure that cover is chosen that is appropriate to their needs

Sick Leave

Absence due to Illness

  • It is essential that students inform the institute  if they are ill and unable to attend classes. This can be done by calling the institute  phone 00 353 61 279994 – out of office hours at +353 89 4172910 or by sending an email to Lanlearn  (
  • A medical certificate from a registered doctor is required for absences from institute  for three days or more
  • No credit for classes missed can be given for individual days missed
  • Students who feel unwell or who need assistance in arranging to see a doctor should speak with the Student Welfare Officer or a member of the Student Services Team. They can make arrangements for a medical consultation

Learner Protection for Incomplete Courses

In accordance with the Qualifications and Quality Assurance (Education and Training) Act (2012), Lanlearn provides financial protection to all enrolled students in the event that the institute must close for any reason set out in the 2012 Act.

Payment of Fees required for Visa Applicants

Fee payments, for which an applying student must provide evidence of payment for visa applications, are handled through an account independent of the institute ’s day-to-day business. This is done for the separation of payments and the protection of students.

Fees paid by Visa Applicants are either:

  • Transferred to the institute on the successful processing of their Visa Application, or
  • Refunded to the bank account nominated by the student at the time of application. See details under Course Cancellation in Booking Terms and Conditions.

The operation of this account is subject to examination by Lanlearn auditors and state regulators.