General English Courses

This is our standard programme structure which enables students to take full advantage of our facilities and support whilst allowing for free time in the afternoon and evening.

This General English component of this course consists of two 90-minute classes, Monday to Friday. These classes are also supplemented by our conversation classes in the afternoon.

The General English classes follow a curriculum which ensures a structured learning process involving all macro skills (Reading, writing, speaking, and listening). However, all of our teachers are keen to explore any questions that you may have.

These classes are taught by highly-motivated, dedicated teachers, and involve continuous reflection and development in order to maintain the highest possible standard for our students in following contemporary pedagogical practices.


The IELTS exam is the international exam which is required to enter university, as well as for many VISAs (US, Canada, New Zealand, etc.). Here at Lanlearn, we offer preparation classes for students who have ambitions to sit this exam.
This class and course curriculum for this class has been developed and is delivered by Dr. Justin McNamara (PhD, MA, BA)and Edel Ryan (MA, BA).

These classes will prepare you to:

  • Develop an in-depth knowledge of the format of the exam
  • Practise effective strategies applicable to other exams you may take in the future
  • Increase your range of grammar and vocabulary for everyday situations in an English-speaking setting
  • Focus on pronunciation, improving your accuracy as well as your fluency
  • Develop face-to-face speaking skills for real-life situations, such as expressing opinions and presenting arguments using natural expressions and functional language
  • Improve writing skills through letters, reports and a variety of other structures.
  • Develop the key macro skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing).

End of Course Exam

All non-EEAA students must sit an exam at the end of their course.
Lanlearn acts as an exam centre for the TIE (Test of Interactive English) exam.
The TIE exam has been developed by ACELS, a department of QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland). This exam is learner-driven and provides students with the opportunity to pursue their own interests in the form of the log book.
Preparation for the TIE exam has been incorporated into our curriculum, and students begin the preparation of their log book from the first day.